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Online small loans for bad credit -Small loans for bad credit online from $300

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Small loans for bad credit online from $300 to $4600

New sofa? Summer vacation in the Caribbean? Unforeseen car repair? There are many situations in which a financial grant through a small loan for bad credit online from is the solution. If you only need a small loan amount for your project, our small loan is perfect from a loan amount of 500 USD. Thanks to immediate payment within 24 hours, you can borrow money quickly and easily – without worrying about your finances any longer.

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

For us, fairness and balance are not only part of everyday life, but also part of the credit business. This means that we mainly help people who do not receive financial support from their bank in the form of a loan. Thanks to standardized processes, many inquiries in comparison portals are rejected at an early stage. Lender Bank has been a credit broker in the financial business since 2007 and personally checks every loan application before lending because everyone has earned a fair chance of a certain loan amount.

For professional credit institutions, the focus is on the pure product: We arrange small loans without additional products such as credit cards, unnecessary insurance or additional contracts that you do not need. In addition, there are no fees for our customers if we successfully broker small loans. These principles have been a matter of course for us as a loan provider for over 12 years.

Numerous advantages with the small credit from Lender Bank

Small sums of money, in particular, are often required as quickly as possible, for example when an unplanned repair is due. Conveniently, Lender Bank grants the small loan with immediate payment so that you can post your payment amount to your account within 24 hours after confirming the application. Small to medium-sized loan amounts are possible – as required. Due to the low loan amounts, small loans also have a short term, so that the repayment takes place within a short time and the borrower is quickly free of debt.

Tip: A loan of Lender Bank is basically without earmarking. You do not have to provide any information about what you are using the money for.

Your plus points with a small credit from Lender Bank

  • Immediate payment
  • No earmarking
  • No indication of the purpose
  • Short terms
  • Low interest
  • Low rates
  • Simply requested

A small loan or hire purchase?

Small loan or hire purchase?

If the old kitchen or washing machine is discarded, a new purchase is usually due. Furniture stores and retailers traditionally offer the so-called installment purchase to finance their products. This means that consumer goods can be bought without any problems using a retailer’s loan, despite the lack of liquidity. The effort with this type of installment loan is reduced to a minimum because an immediate contract is concluded without an examination, but you still have decisive advantages with a small loan over financing from the dealer:

  1. The small loan often has more favorable conditions, e.g. B. Lower interest rates so you can save cash.
  2. You have a better overview of your liabilities.
  3. Checking your financial situation and solvency can protect you from debt.

Lender Bank Small Loans vs. Overdraft facility

If you have to use the overdraft facility of your checking account more frequently at the end of the month, the small credit from Lender Bank is a clever alternative to balance your overdraft facility straight away. Because of note that the interest on your overdraft facility is one of the highest and often in the double-digit range. The interest rate can even be up to 15% at times. A small loan has significantly more favorable conditions and can also be used directly thanks to the immediate payment. You then pay back the loan amount in your desired installment and thus have a structured repayment plan, which you, in turn, do not have with the overdraft facility – there are no fixed monthly loan installments.

Small loan despite Credit Bureau

Small loan despite Credit Bureau

If your application for a loan has already been rejected by your house bank after a financial check, you still have a good chance of getting a loan with Lender Bank despite a lack of creditworthiness and a negative rating. We determine compatible loan offers from our partners that fit your situation perfectly. Since every loan application is personally checked by experienced financial experts, it is not IT systems that decide whether to accept the loan, but real people. In this way, we look behind the scenes of the application and decide individually on a case-by-case basis.

Tip: Your credit request with Lender Bank alone does not change your Credit Bureau score. You do not have to worry that your request has a negative impact on your credit rating.

What is the difference between a small loan and a mini loan?

The difference between a small loan and a mini loan is the amount of the loan. While mini loans often comprise a smaller sum in the three-digit range up to around USD 1,000, the small loan can be as strong as USD 10,000 – depending on the lender. The mini loan is ideal for bridging smaller financial bottlenecks. Small loans, on the other hand, are also referred to as consumer loans because they like to be used for purchases of larger consumer goods.

What are the requirements for a Lender Bank loan agreement?

What are the requirements for a Lender Bank loan agreement?

There are only a few requirements for the loan request, but they have nothing to do with your credit rating or your Credit Bureau entry. It is only important that you meet the following criteria:

  1. Legal age
  2. Resident in Germany
  3. Regular income

How do I apply for a small loan?

In the 21st century, no one has to go to the bank for the application process. We offer our service completely digitally and free of charge so that you can apply for your loan amount in just a few clicks. Simply fill out our form and give us some important information for the application, such as

  • Amount of money & desired rate
  • name and address
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Employment information
  • marital status
  • Payout account information

Once you have sent your request, our team and the lender will check your financial situation. We will then make you a personal offer for your situation. As soon as you have received your non-binding offer with acceptance, we recommend that you go through the application in a relaxed and conscientious manner. If you agree to the conditions for the small credit from Lender Bank, you only have to put your contract signature underneath and identify yourself.